HP's awesome camera (Model HP lc100w)


I just finished some initial testing of HP's tiny little camera.  I am talking about the HP lc100w camera and it weighed in at just 37 grams and shoots in 4K.  I started looking for an inexpensive camera which had a tighter view than my other 'Pro' models.  My first non-aerial tests were fantastic in the sense I did not get the curved, distorded bacgrounds like I did on my other cameras.  It was under $150.00 and is WiFi capable. In fact some of the features like 'Time Lapse' mode are only operational through my smartphone.  It's simple once you dowload the app.  My first aerial test was done in 'Time Lapse' mode and shot a photo every 5-seconds.  I wished it would take a shot every 2-seconds but that's just me.  I'm saying  lot can happen in 5-seconds. Heck, a Top Fuel dragster can cover a quarter mile in under 4-seconds from a standing start!  I have not tested the battery life yet in a full aerial photo session but will very soon. Sincerely, Dan Marsh-Owner Aerial Snapshots 


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